Improve the Air and Water Quality in Your Home

Proper air and water quality are important not only for the health of your home but also the health of you and your family. Improper air and water quality can damage your home, cause discomfort and left unsolved can even lead to long-term effect to your health. Below I have outlined a few easy things you can do to increase your air and water quality, and ensure you stay healthy:

Increased Ventilation

Improper ventilation increases air pollutants inside your home and provides an atmosphere for unhealthy air quality in your home. Turn on exhaust fans or open windows when showering or cooking in order to let moisture escape from your home quicker. Make use of ceiling fans that circulate air. In the summer turn the fan on the furnace on to draw up colder air from the basement or install a cold air exchange system. Ensure that dryers, hot water heaters and wood or gas stoves have proper exhaust systems and fresh air intakes if required.

Proper Water Quality

If you get your water from a well ensure that you have your water tested regularly for both bacterial and chemicals to ensure it is safe to consume. Keep pesticides and other hazardous waste away from the well. Ensure any vehicles and equipment located on your property are not leaking any fuel or oil. Prevent animals from urinating or defecating near the well. If any issues with the well occur have the problem looked and a corrected by a certified professional.

Hard water is safe to drink but may cause skin irritations and household problems if left untreated.  If you experience hard water you can install a water softener system.  A water sofener filters out minerals that can cause dry skin, and build up mineral deposits on your laundry, dishes, pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

Balance Humidity

Respiratory problems can develop when the air in your home is too dry. Alternatively, too much moisture in the air can cause mildew, promote mold growth and affect those with allergies and/or asthma. All of these factors are why a proper balance of humidity in your home is so important.

If you experience a feeling of dampness in in your home, a dehumidifier will help balance the environment and prevent your home, furniture and possessions from experiencing water damage. On the other hand if the air in your home is too dry, a humidifier will add moisture and relieve dry skin any respiratory problems such as a sore throat or breathing issues. As well as protecting your personal health a balance in humidity will also protect and prolong the health of your home.

Keep unwanted Water away

Water entering your home can cause all kinds of issues both to the structure of the home as well as affecting the interior climate and living conditions.  Ensure you have proper grading with your landscape to direct water away from your home. Install eaves-troughs to collect and properly disperse rain water. Repair any foundation leaks and ensure that a proper drainage system is installed and functioning properly.

Maintain your home’s exterior, windows, and roof and ensure that there are no water leaks. As well as worn or missing shingles water can enter the home near chimneys, skylights, as well as air and sewer vents.  It is a good practice to make it a yearly check to ensure that proper seals exist around all flashing and to immediately repair any issues. Other water concerns can be caused by leaking water or sewer pipes within the home.  If required make sure a working sump pump system is installed which includes a backup system. Any issues that result in unwanted water entering your home should be dealt with immediately.

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